Here's one. Instead of picking up escarole I picked up green *#*** leaf lettuce. Any chance it can be substituted for escarole... if not salad is always good. Why do they put the 2 next to one another... Was planning on panncott...

Lucia from Madison


Gale January 16, 2011
You probably won't get the bitter edge with lettuce as with escarole, and I don"t cook really tender greens in soups - just put in soup bowl and pour the finished soup over. Wilts w/o turning into overdone 'goo' (perfect description).
susan G. January 15, 2011
I've dealt with too much lettuce or not a salad favorite lettuce by treating it like other greens for soup. In deference to pierino's expertise, reduce the liquid so you can adjust when you see the results. Maybe it was just luck, but so far it's working.
pierino January 15, 2011
As I can't translate your expletive I'll just say that escarole really does cook well in broth if that's your aim. You can substitute other lettuce except that they'll give up a lot of water and potentially turn into mushy goo. Try adding those at the very end, like the very, very end. End of story.
betteirene January 15, 2011
Doncha hate when that happens?

There are recipes in which lettuce is cooked, but I don't like any I've tried even though I love other cooked greens.

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