Japanese-inspired green salad ideas

I am bringing a green salad to a brunch tomorrow. Host is serving ham, asparagus, and quiche . . . one of the guests will be a Japanese high school exchange student. I would love to come up with a salad that could work with the menu but maybe be a friendly taste of home for the guest from Japan. I am thinking no cheese or dairy, and maybe a sesame-ginger dressing, lettuce, cucumber. But I would love some ideas from fellow picklers . . . thanks! Also, if there were a way to work in some champagne mangoes my husband would be very happy!



anjamtm May 28, 2015
For every main dish there should be a side dish so as to make the meal much more scrumptious than ever...Usually levantine salads are commonly used for arab treats and thier other royal merry making parties..

Even I too prefer making Levantine salads for our main meal such as Tabooleh@ http://www.clubnoor.com/en/recipe/tabooleh

sexyLAMBCHOPx May 28, 2015
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Sam1148 April 23, 2011
It's a little late to help you but go to a Japaneese Market and get Kewpie Goma dressing (Labeled in English as Roasted Sesame Dressing).
You can mix that with lemon and lime juice a touch of oil, and ginger juice to make a nice dressing.

To make something similar from scratch. (which should be thicker than the Kewpie product)
Table spoon or two sesame seeds.
Roast them, then grind to a paste in Mortar or spice grinder.

Mix 1/3 cup of lemon and lime juice.
1 clove garlic, a tsp of mustard, a 2 tsp of sugar. (optional a tsp of ginger juice).
Blend in a blender, add some of the paste. Add up to 2/3 cups of light veggie oil add half first, then blend and add the some more drizzling in until thick.
If you make it too thick, thin with dashi stock.

Color it with a couple of tsp of soy sauce until a blond color. Adjust taste with more citrus juice, salt, sugar, sesame paste.

The base of this dressing is "Goma Sauce" Which is fine on it's own on top of chilled cooked spinach, green beans, or Soba Noodles, or shredded cabbage.
Now that I found the kewpie product, I rarely make it for spinach or noodles. But the Kewpie product is rather pricey in small bottle--but it's spot on in taste, a bit thin in texture tho.

SKK April 23, 2011
hardlikearmour and gingerroot have wonderful ideas for dressing. When I want to make a salad of Asian greens I go to an asian store and start tasting greens. And ask the asian ladies shopping there. Whatever you pick, it will be a treat to include daikon and real water chestnuts (not canned). The water chestnuts sit in a tub of water and you pick the hardest ones. Just peel them and serve them raw. Amazing flavor. There are cabbages and spinach(s) and fresh mung bean sprouts and wonderful little japanese cucumbers and long beans that provide a wonderful crunch. Have fun!
gingerroot April 23, 2011
Another direction is to make a miso dressing.
hardlikearmour April 23, 2011
What about a seaweed salad? Or even just the vinaigrette from it.
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