Freezing dough and baking later??

I’m baking a Shio bread.
I made the dough and did first fermentation.
After, I shaped the dough and froze the dough without proofing.

I froze the dough for one day, defrosted it the next whole day in the fridge. The following day, I proofed it in room temperature (about an hour) and baked it.

The taste was fine but the surface of the dough has blisters (or tiny air bubbles). See attached pictures.

Can you please help what I am doing wrong? It takes a long time to shape the dough so I would like to work ahead of time and just bake it at once. Thank you!!!!!



Nancy May 21, 2023
Have not made this bread, but yes to many others.
Some possible causes -
Causes - no slash or cut in the dough to vent, or oven too hot.
See link from Quaker Oats.,always%20use%20an%20oven%20thermometer.
Some recipes for Shio bread call for brushing top of risen loaf with butter (and dusting with salt) before baking. That may help the crust form and hold (also contributes to browning and taste). If your recipe doesn't call for that, it may be worth a try.
Nancy May 21, 2023
I also wonder if your rise just before baking was long enough.
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