Why does my thickened cream not turn into whipped cream?

It stays mainly watery and when it looks like it might thicken, it will split into liquid with specks of white stuff in it. Please help!

Denise Goh


BerryBaby April 8, 2016
Be sure you are using heavy whipping cream. Also, it helps if the bowl and beaters are COLD. Place them in the freezer for a couple of minutes, take them out, add the cream to the bowl and whip on HIGH.
Maedl March 29, 2016
Are you using table cream? That won't get thick--you need whipping cream.
Patty March 29, 2016
What do you mean by "thickened cream?" Has it been heated? Cream that has been heated will not whip, sorry to say.
Alexandra V. March 29, 2016
You can also try to put it though a mesh strainer and that will separate out the liquid? What are you using it for? Might need to turn it into a trifle.
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