Whipped Cream Curdles Before it Thickens

I'm making whipped cream with white chocolate. Melted, cooled white chocolate + heavy whipping cream + vanilla extract + powdered sugar + a pinch of salt. Worked fine last weekend, but now I'm having troubles. It's slightly thickened (like thick cream, but not close to soft peaks), but curdled. I tried adding more cream and refrigerating it before whipping it more (in both cases), but neither helped.

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Susan W. August 18, 2016
White chocolate can be an absolute nightmare to work with. Be very careful when you melt it. Too hot and it will seize.

Also, it is frustrating, but white chocolate can be much different with each batch. I had a little dessert business and made a mocha torte with 3 different mousses layered. It worked beautifully for 2 years. I had so much trouble with the white layer all of a sudden that I scrapped the dessert completely.

Are you gently folding the whipped cream into the melted and cooled chocolate?
Heather |. August 19, 2016
Ugh that sounds so frustrating! At least you can blame it on the chocolate (;

I melted the white chocolate with a bit of cream, mixed until smooth, chilled it, then added more cream and tried to whip.
Susan W. August 19, 2016
Oh yes, I TOTALLY blamed the chocolate. :)

Mine was more of a mousse, but here's Alice Medrich's version of a whipped ganache like you are describing. Maybe you'll see something in hers that will help.

BerryBaby August 18, 2016
If you add a tablespoon of cream at a time and use a wire whisk to incorporate. After about 6 tablespoons try whipping it again with the mixer. If it doesn't work, then sorry to say it has separated beyond repair. Always shake the container before using to be sure the fat is mixed in. I have found that this helps.
Heather |. August 19, 2016
Haha, yeah definitely tried adding more cream and re-whipping (multiple times). Thanks though!
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