Does anyone know how to create whipped cream that stays fluffy for hours?

I'm a pastry chef at a restaurant and am looking for tricks that will make whipped cream stay fluffy all the way through dinner service. The cooks must be able to create a quenelle with the whipped cream, which I whip at the end of my shift (3 p.m.) and they use between 6 and 10 p.m. Someone suggested making a small amount of white chocolate ganache, then whipping that up with additional whippping cream. The ganache in that instance would act as the stabilizer. Any other tips? Gelatin?



rt21 May 12, 2012
I add some dried milk powder to the heavy cream just before I whip it
chez_mere May 12, 2012
Depending on the flavors you are looking for, another good tip is to stir in some Greek yogurt to the cream once it has been whipped. I personally enjoy the tanginess of the yogurt as it compliments sweet pies very nicely.
cookingProf May 12, 2012
I use "Dr. Oetker Whip It" which is a stabilizer for whipping wream. I mix it into my cream before whipping it. You can find it on Amazon. I buy it locally from a gourmet shop.
Benny May 12, 2012
I own a tool that instantly whips cream for you on the spot. It uses a small CO2 cartridges to pressurize a canister which you fill with heavy cream, sugar, etc...

Super handy in the restaurant, as well as at my home. No waste what so ever, and your cream will be super fluffy all night long.
Benny May 12, 2012
Here is one site that sells them. You can get them From a multitude of websites though, so shop around if you are interested.
meganvt01 May 12, 2012
You can dissolve a sheet of gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water and add that to your whipped cream that is firm then finish it to stiff peaks.
sdebrango May 12, 2012
Here is a recipe from James McNair for whipped cream frosting, it is very stable but undeniably whipped cream it really stays fluffy and delicious for hours. The whipped cream is stabilized with cornstarch that is cooked with some of the heavy cream, cooled and whipped in with the cream
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