How to keep pastries fresh for 3 days?

I am hosting a baby shower with 50 attendees this weekend and today is the only time in my schedule I have available to finish my grocery shopping. I am planning on picking up some assorted pastries and I don't want them to get stale or slimy between here and Saturday? Ideas and advice are welcomed. Thanks!

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scruz March 30, 2016
i've been experimenting "freshening" up or somewhat steaming items in the microwave. i put a damp paper towels over the item and microwave it. i've done this with bread and a bean burrito with great results. the items come out warm/hot and very soft as though very fresh. you might try doing that.
Stephanie March 30, 2016
Depending on what exactly you're getting, put them in the oven the morning of to refresh/recrisp them. I've done this with croissants @ 350 for about 5-10 minutes.
see March 30, 2016
I always think fresh is best, but if you buy the right kind of pastry you might be able to freeze it for a few days and defrost the morning of the party. I would think a cheese filled, almond pastry would work. Good luck.

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HalfPint March 30, 2016
Is there any way you can outsource the pastries to someone else who can pick them up the day of the shower? Or maybe the grocery store has a delivery service that can deliver the pastries the evening before the party?
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