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Help!! I left out my Cornish hens last night to thaw and remembered them by noon. Are they still ok? I keep my house pretty cool (around 70 d

We want to cook them tonight but can't risk getting sick.

asked by Gryphen 11 months ago
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added 11 months ago

Yes! They will be fine..

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added 11 months ago

not safe to leave meat to thaw out. I would say you should not use meat. Throw it.

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added 11 months ago

Meat will generally tell you in no uncertain terms if it's gone bad- give it a sniff. Assuming you're going to cook it, should be no problem.

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BerryBaby is trusted source on General Cooking

added 11 months ago

Here's where I use the phrase taught to us in Home Ec back in the 60's. "When in doubt, throw it out!" I've done the same thing and give it a sniff and feel it to see if it's gotten too warm. Which means it more than likely gets tossed.