I want to make chicken soup on a pressure cooker using a stewing chicken. How long should I cook it to get it tender?

I have one of those old laying hens which are supposed to be the best for soup but using the normal pressure cooker chicken soup recipe leaves it too tough (20 minutes) since it's for a regular chicken. How long should I cook the stewing chicken for?



Otto W. February 1, 2017
My mom always cooked old laying hens for at least 45 minutes in her Presto pressure cooker. I assume it depends on the pressure your pressure cooker makes and the age of the hen (or mature chicken). I would guess that if you use one of these new electric pressure cookers it would take longer because they don't make the pressure of good pressure cookers so maybe an hour in one of the electric pressure cookers.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 11, 2016
While not specifying the type of chicken, these old threads suggest 45 minutes to an hour: https://food52.com/hotline/29631-chicken-soup-in-a-pressure-cooker and https://food52.com/hotline/21699-best-chicken-soup-for-a-pressure-cooker
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