do you need to pre-cook chicken breasts when making a chicken stew, and how long?(any recipes recommendations would be good too)



alexsleat November 25, 2010
Cheers for the answers! I went for adding the chicken a little later and it turned out pretty good, will definitely try some thighs next time too.
drbabs November 25, 2010
I searched the site for chicken stew for you and got this:
drbabs November 25, 2010
But if you do use breasts, because that's what you have, add them in towards the end so that they just cook through and don't get tough.
Martin69 November 25, 2010
They said breasts, LOL
Pat E. November 25, 2010
Yes on the thighs....breasts will dry out and be way overcooked in a stew...
Amanda H. November 25, 2010
No -- you just add the chicken to the pot with the other ingredients and it'll cook plenty by the time the stew is done. If I can make a suggestion, I'd try chicken thighs which are more flavorful and which stand up to longer cooking. Good luck!
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