12 eggs are almost "floating", can I bake with them?

I have a dozen eggs on their way out... I don't know if they are still okay for something like a quiche, but could I bake with them? If I can bake with them, any suggestions for using up a bunch of eggs?

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Susan W. April 11, 2016
Is there a "use by" date stamped on the carton? Not that it means much. Those dates are so subjective. I had a floater the other day. I was in the process of hard boiling some eggs. After staring at the floater, I decided to toss it. I cracked it open and there was no older at all.
foofaraw April 11, 2016
I would crack each of them in separate bowl before combining and check. If there is no funky smell (however faint that is) or change in color, it is usually still ok.
ktr April 11, 2016
How long have you had them? I've never really worried about eggs going bad. I've always been told that an egg that has gone bad will smell bad when it's cracked open.
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