So many eggs! What should I do?

I was meeting with a local farmer yesterday. I'm working on opening a farm-to-table restaurant and he'll be my main supplier. He happened to have tons of eggs because it's his off season so he gave me 72 eggs! I'd love to hear your best recipes that use eggs. Whether it be quiche, hollandiase sauce, baked goods, or anything else! Thank you :)

Jenna Ballinger
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max J. November 25, 2015
This will only work if they are very fresh.
Carefully crack a dozen into a bowl and leave till they achieve room temp.
Fill another bowl with ice and water.
Bring water in a large saute pan to a slow gentle boil
Set timer for two minutes
Slip eggs into water and cook for eggsactly 2 minute
Remove to iced water quickly using a slotted spoon.
Place in fridge till wanted, up to 7 days
Take out and trim and leave till room temp.
Poach for 1 minute.
Dry on kitchen towel, The place on hot buttered toast
Debora M. November 24, 2015
Tomorrow I'll be making baked bell peppers stuffed with onions, broccoli, mushrooms and eggs- so healthy! It also looks impressive while being easy to throw together.

I also do home fries (with bell peppers and shallots) with roasted avocado and cooked fresh tomatoes with poached eggs on top.

It's also never too early for eggnog!

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Leah November 24, 2015
Pickled eggs!
Lindsay G. November 24, 2015
Quiches (both large dinner-sized and small appetizer size) are easy and freeze well.
Cav November 24, 2015
Starting a chicken farm probably isn't an option.
Jenna B. November 24, 2015
HalfPint November 24, 2015
Today I'm making Bacon and Egg Pie. It's a New Zealand specialty and it uses like 8-9 eggs. I'm using Melissa Clark's recipe from NYT.
aargersi November 24, 2015
Breakfast tacos in the morning, or migas, or chilaquiles - yum!
Or (no, wait, AND) popovers
Flan, of course. Or creme brulee or pudding.
I always forget that I can have an omelete for dinner, and I love them!

Regine November 24, 2015
If you want to do a few "outrageous, sugary" but really tasty baked goods/desserts, here are some suggestions.

Try my 18 egg (yes 18 egg yolks) Brioche recipe in food52. LOL It is really good.

Then take 10 of the egg whites and make a floating island.

dinner A. November 24, 2015
The recipe for Momofuku's soy sauce-marinated hard boiled eggs says they'll keep for a month:
Nancy November 24, 2015
Break some open & freeze as whole egg, whites and yolks. Can do in plastic containers sized to your most common uses and/or ice cube trays.
Angel food cake (for the whites)
Sponge cake (for whole eggs)
Mayonnaise and its variations (for yolks and whole)
Scotch eggs for snacks
Give some to food banks
Make dumplings or matzo balls
Make home made egg pasta
Challah and/or brioche breads
Bread pudding
Ile flotant (a great French dessert)
ktr November 24, 2015
I've never tried freezing a whole egg before. Do you break the yolk first? I've read about adding salt before freezing them; have you found that necessary? How long do they last? Sorry, lots of questions!
Jenna B. November 24, 2015
I'd love to give some to a food bank but I'm wondering if they're going to question it because there's no sell by date on them. But I'll see what I can do!
Nancy November 24, 2015
For ktr and you who want to freeze eggs, here is info on how to freeze, how long to store, and equivalents to fresh eggs for when you use the frozen product:
Nancy November 24, 2015
For Jenna, most sources I know say eggs last 3-5 weeks from laying if refrigerated, or 30 days past the marked best buy date. If you are interested in donating but worried food bank won't accept, suggest you talk with a manager before you go, and/or include your farmer's name as a reference for freshness. If they still won't accept fresh unmarked eggs, ask if they'll take baked goods (like the cakes and breads). Also, if you are about to open a restaurant, presumably you or someone involved has a food-safety training certificate, and you can use that as another credential. Good luck with this project and maybe let us know how it works out.
Lindsay G. November 24, 2015
I like to freeze whites and yolks separately in ice cube trays (one yolk or one white per ice-cube-compartment). Easier to measure that way.
ktr November 25, 2015
Thanks for the link, nancy!
Leslie S. November 24, 2015
So many eggs! Try shaksuka, egg salad (, Spanish omelette, Sardou (, Deviled eggs ( for a Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvre. So many good egg recipes!

This round up has a lot of great recipes as well!
Jenna B. November 24, 2015
I will be making plenty of shakshuka for sure! Thanks for the advice :)
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