Halvah or halva pan

I'm hoping to purchase a mold/pan for a friend who likes to experiment with halvah. Does anyone know where one can purchase the molds that generate those large traditional wheels of halvah you see throughout the Middle East? I live in NYC so perhaps there is an antique cookware shop that might sell them?
Barring that, assuming a loaf pan would work fine, what material would you recommend? Metal? Silicone? Many thanks in advance!



creamtea April 14, 2016
I just bought some fresh pistachio halvah in Brooklyn today. Their various selections were in loaves. Could you not use either a large loaf pan or a round cake pan, lined with parchment or plastic wrap?
sydney April 14, 2016
New York Times food section just did an article on halvah this week. I'd go through it and pick out names and places and start my research there.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 14, 2016
I'm sorry you haven't received any answers to this yet! I'm bumping it back up to the top of the list in hopes that will get more eyes on it and some ideas for you.
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