Summer is coming! Need creative/tasty app ideas for a boat!

We entertain on our boat a lot, but repeatedly coming up with taste creative appetizers is getting trickier for me. Spiced peanuts, citrus marinated olives, creative dips, lovely crudites, dreamy cheese boards. We've done it all. I need fresh ideas for a new season. But w/ only a small fridge and microwave most of the work needs to be done at home, and brought onboard. I also have to keep in mind errant waves (so no beet-based ideas please). I figured boating and glamping (and even picnicking!) have a lot in common. Anyone have any fabulous ideas you're willing to share?

Christina DeP


scruz April 15, 2016
for active people eating meals, i once read that salad greens and some protein stuffed in pita bread are a good and handy way to eat.
BerryBaby April 16, 2016
I've been making roll ups with tortillas filled with carrots, lettuce or shredded cabbage, avocado, green peppers and olives. They are delicious, easy to hold and cleanup is a breeze.
BerryBaby April 15, 2016
Anything on a little skewer...cherry tomatoes, cheese, olives, artichoke hearts or fruit skewers. They are easy to make and eat with no cleanup or mess. They can be made ahead of time and place in plastic bags for easy storage in the fridge.
Kristen W. April 14, 2016
I think it's the context of sailing around Sicily while eating canned tuna and onions that got me...that setting looks incredible - I hope I get to that part of the world someday!
Kristen W. April 13, 2016
Gotta say, Your Guardian Chef, your life just sounds too damn good!
pierino April 12, 2016
These sandwiches were almost invented with boats in mind. Imagine your resting aboard your boat in the Port Vieux of Marseilles.
Maryam April 12, 2016
I love serving pitted Medjool dates that have been stuffed with a tiny bit of feta cheese and a walnut half.
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