Any ideas for extra "jus" from roasted chickens?

I have been roasting chicken for my husband's sandwiches and deglaze the pan and add a few spices before cooking it down. I have just been saving it and was hoping to get some ideas for what to do with it? Any other ideas other than gravy would be great!!

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Imogen February 28, 2017
Shio ramen
amysarah February 24, 2017
There's a fantastic Claudia Roden pasta recipe, originally from the Venetian Jewish ghetto - tagliatelle with roast chicken, dried currants (or raisins,) pine nuts and rosemary. Many versions online (e.g., Nigella Lawson's.) It's made with the roast meat and skin as well, but I think you could still do a pretty tasty spin on it with just the pan juices.
ChefJune February 24, 2017
Not only the jus, but also the fat has oodles of flavor. When I roast a chicken, if I'm not making a gravy I first chill the pan remains and separate the fat from the jus. That fat is super for frying potatoes or adding flavor to matzo balls and the like.
ktr February 24, 2017
Great tip! I'm going to give that a try the next time I roast a chicken.
2tattered February 24, 2017
Drizzle on a salad with a light vinaigrette and some chewy croutons and toasted pine nuts, a la Zuni Roast Chicken with Bread Salad.
meet Y. February 21, 2017
Thanks everyone! I ended up freezing it in cubes for future use... :)
PHIL February 21, 2017
Good answers here, Maybe toss with some pasta along with the roasted vegetables Nance mentioned
My F. February 21, 2017
You can use extra jus to create a lighter, dairy free, but still creamy white sauce; make it the same way you would a bechemel (a simple sauce made with a roux and light stock is called veloute). Also great with some mushrooms in it or used to glaze root vegetables. If the jus is a bit salty add some water and dry white wine.
creamtea February 19, 2017
Basis for soups as others have said, or as part of the liquid when cooking rice (pilaf). Or just scooped up with bread....yum.
nance February 19, 2017
Keep adding it to a freezer container and
1. Use it for soup base.
2. Use it for the liquid when making rice.
3. Use it as the liquid for stuffing or savory bread pudding.
4. Use it instead of butter on roasted vegetables.
PieceOfLayerCake February 19, 2017
You can uber reduce it, freeze it into cubes and add it to sauces for a hit of flavor. Or I suppose you could use it to enhance soups? Anywhere you need some salty umami, really.
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