Cleaning the vegetable bin and fridge

Recently I read an article that stated a vegetable bin in your refrigerator should be cleaned ONCE A MONTH! I was surprised it was only once a month. I gagged reading that. Mine is cleaned every weekend, limp things tossed (if there are any), bin is washed and dried. I want my food to be stored in a well-kept, clean environment. Am I obsessive? Or do others clean there refrigerators once a week? Just curious.



BerryBaby April 16, 2016
I appreciate all the replies. Guess I'm a bit compulsive by cleaning it once a week, however I enjoy doing it. The whole kitchen gets cleaned like that, stove everyday, counter tops, microwave get wiped out after every use, sink a couple of times a day. I enjoy cleaning and have things sparkle. That's just me :)
amysarah April 16, 2016
I clean it out when it needs it - no set schedule, but not every week. I also store my vegetables in containers or bags, so it's not like there are rotting bits lingering in there.
Kristen W. April 16, 2016
Once a month is the best I can hope for given my schedule, though if I notice anything past it's prime in there I'll toss it but not necessarily clean out the whole bin. I store my produce in bags as well so the bin stays pretty clean (and plus I figure you never know when those two bendy carrots sitting at the bottom are gonna come in handy ;)). Just got a new fridge though so maybe I'll be motivated to clean it more often if I have time (realistically though, probably not).

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Susan W. April 15, 2016
I probably clean mine once a month. I don't leave unwashed unwrapped produce sitting in the bins though. My habit is to wash and dry the produce, wrap it in a paper towel and put it back in the bag or a container and into the bin.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 15, 2016
No. Bins for are cleaned about 1 a month.
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