What is the best way to clean wooden spoons?

When ever I wash my wooden spoons they always look too dry afterwards and I'm worried I am going to ruin them, or not get them clean enough. I have just hand washed them with soap and water. Should I be doing something else?

Rachel McGuire


smslaw January 10, 2013
Some of my wooden spoons are at least 50 years old. I just wash them in the sink with the rest of the dishes. Air dry. I have never oiled them. They're good for at least another 50 years.

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pierino January 9, 2013
Hot soapy water and then just air dry. But let me add that if you can find olive wood utensils in a good kitchen store they are superb. Hard, durable wood. They will lose that nice golden patina after multiple washings but they will retain the grain and they last practically forever.
Hilarybee January 8, 2013
Like trampledbygeese, I just wash mine in warm water and soap, then oil them about about once a week. I like the Boos block "mystery Oil"-- I have a wood block and a couple bamboo boards, too and the oil came with the block. I suspect it is mostly mineral oil and lanolin.
trampledbygeese January 8, 2013
I wash mine with soap and water, but I oil them every so often when they start to look dry. Some simple kitchen oil like olive oil works fine for me. Eventually they get a patina on them and don't need oiling.
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