Tips for Cleaning a pasta machine.

I have a manual pasta roller--an Imperia. It is so much fun to use but a bear to clean. I use a dry toothbrush and a toothpick to fish out the little bits but wonder if anyone has other techniques they use. I'd live to use the machine more often!



Sam1148 March 21, 2016
The cutting blades can be a problem. Try making some very rough dough with lots of salt to act as a scrubber grabber and run that through a few times.
I usually have some scrapes left over and I make those a bit dryer and salty and run it through.
Windischgirl March 22, 2016
Thanks, Sam. Will have to try next time!
pierino March 20, 2016
Your rollers should be easy to clean. I just sprinkle some flour on and dust it off with a pastry brush. If you have gunk building up possibly your dough is too wet when you are running it through. I knead mine, rolling it over bench flour and then let it rest wrapped in plastic for 30 minutes. Rule of thumb, cut off an "egg" sized ball of dough and put through rollers to desired thickness.
Windischgirl March 20, 2016
Thanks, Pierino. I actually should have been more specific--it's the cutting blades that harbor little shreds of pasta. I have a fettuccini/spaghetti blade and a capellini blade. Because of the metal framework supporting the blades, there's a lot of hiding places!
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