Black bean and chick pea burger...It is soggy. How can this be cooked through and yet crunchy and stable on the outside...the taste is great but soggy

  • Posted by: sile
  • April 19, 2016


PistachioDoughnut April 19, 2016
You can add cornstarch, almond meal, potato flour etc to bind it. Another great option could be to add a boiled mashed potato and some chickpea/garbanzo flour. Once you form patties, just drench them lightly in cornstarch or rice flour, that will add crispiness for sure. Hope this helps.
sile April 19, 2016
I used panko, egg.
Shallot, black bean, chick pea, chipotle pepper. We are trying to cut carbs and cholesterol...not easy.
I like the thinner patties idea. They make the burgers look gigantic in photos...reality they are sog.
Thanks for your help.
jilhil April 19, 2016
What sort of binders did you use? I generally add both cooked brown rice and fresh breadcrumbs to my bean burgers, and add
half the rice to the food processor when blending the beans with the other cooked ingredients. Then I stir in the remaining rice before cooking the burgers.

Another thing you can try is making thinner patties - the greater surface to total mass ratio encourages crispness.
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