What to do with canned beans?

By the time we realized that the storm will hit NYC, and that it would be prudent to stock up on food, there was nothing left in the supermarket but canned beans. Having survived the storm, and having escaped to our friends' place (so that we do not have to eat the beans), I now own 4 cans of navy beans, 4 cans of pinto beans and 4 cans of black eyed peas. And I do not really fancy canned beans -- no matter how hard I try, I can still pick up that they are, well, canned. Any recipe suggestion that would let canned beans shine through?



QueenSashy November 10, 2012
Thank you all. So far we made pasta e fagioli, fall soup with bacon,, beans with cabbage, and bean salad with garlic, lemon, pepper and EVO. Next are chili and Hoppin' John. After that, I will probably have to go into a bean abstinence for a while!
jamcook November 6, 2012
if you really have more than you will want to eat ,, why don't you donate them to one of the relief organizations which are soliciting donations of canned food..Yorkville C.ommon Pantry, or Citymeals
ChezHenry November 5, 2012
Pasta e Fagiole, or as my Italian American dad would say Pasta Fazool! Make a fresh thick Marinara sauce using one 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes. Add one can of Navy Beans, gently heat through for 10 minutes. Add 1/2 box of cooked Ditalini pasta and stir. This is not a soupy Fagiole dish, its a dry pasta dish-fagiole e sec became Americanized as Fazool...A heavy grating of Parmesan and you have comfort food at its best.
pierino November 5, 2012
With the New Year approaching you could use the black eyed peas in Hoppin' John, traditional New Year's Day fare.
petitbleu November 5, 2012
Refried beans would be a good use for those pintos--cumin, coriander, oregano, and ground dried chiles--serve as part of a hearty huevos rancheros.
Turn the black eyed peas into a warming fall soup--peas, ham hock (preferably a truly smoked one--not one with liquid smoke), greens, and lots of good chicken stock.
Fry the white beans up with some shredded cabbage, onions, and garlic. Top with parmesan and serve with crusty bread.
The S. November 4, 2012
It is interesting you want the beans to shine through (like you I dislike canned beans). I agree with the chili or something with spices where you don't notice their tinned quality.
Omeletta November 4, 2012
Navy beans are excellent in chili- with a well seasoned chili, you don't really taste the difference between dried and canned. Or a dip! Black eyed peas would make an interesting hummus-type dip, I bet. Good luck! Happy you had a place to crash during the storm & aftermath :)

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Kristen M. November 4, 2012
You could make a spicy chili with lots of aromatics (garlic, onions, chiles, herbs) -- and even blend it if the texture is an issue. Or you could donate them -- here's more info on places accepting donations: http://www.nycservice.org/#s
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