I made Amanda Hesser's Forget it Torte today (Tuesday)and want to serve it on Friday.

Is that possible? if so, how do I store the torte.

  • Posted by: liz
  • April 19, 2016


Amanda H. April 25, 2016
Hi Liz, we've always eaten it the day of, and if it's humid, it sometimes weeps. But it still tastes good! Seems like others on this thread have more experience storing meringue than I do; hope you found it helpful!
mickle April 19, 2016
Can someone provide the link to Amanda's torte recipe?
Susan W. April 19, 2016
Here's what the NYT said is the recipe. It appears to be in the NYT Cookbook.
AntoniaJames April 19, 2016
Also, here is a thread about a pavlova, also made with meringue, that you may find helpful. The key is to keep all the components separate -- and to store the meringue as ChefJune suggests -- and not to assemble the dessert until shortly before serving. ;o)

ChefJune April 19, 2016
in an air-tight container. Do NOT refrigerate!
We called that "Forgotten Torte," and it was our family's standard Passover Dessert. Mom filled it with big scoops of rainbow hued sherbets. And sometimes Ice cream, as we didn't keep kosher. But if you refrigerate or freeze it, the meringue will weep and get very chewy. It will also likely lose its shape.
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