Avoid bronze artichokes?

I saw a ton of artichokes at the local produce store, some very green and some totally bronze. The bronze ones also seemed a different shape so I thought they were separate varieties. Google revealed that the bronzing comes from frost exposure. Should bronze artichokes be avoided or are they perfectly OK? If I ever moved to California it might be to be near the center of the artichoke industry.



BerryBaby April 24, 2016
Thanks, Jordan, for catching the error, yes, Castroville!
BerryBaby April 22, 2016
Castro Valley is the artichoke capital and I must say I have never seen artichokes as large and beautiful as what they grow there. We'd drive down just to pick up a bag of them. That was dinner, they were that large. An artichoke, sour dough bread and a glass of white wine. Those were the days!
Jordan1324 April 24, 2016
I think spell check has messed with you. Castroville is the center of the world for artichokes. Castro Valley is a San Francisco Bay Area suburb - and nice enough place, but the only artichokes there are in home gardens and at the supermarket
Greenstuff April 20, 2016
We get those "frost-kissed" artichokes here in California as well. They are, as you hoped, perfectly okay. Totally bronze ones with a different shape would make me ask some questions wouldn't automatically make me avoid them.
Liz D. April 20, 2016
I have always read that the bronzing from frost is not a problem
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