My pudding didn't get thick enough

I'm on a quest to make the blackout cake: http://www.kingarthurflour....

My filling/pudding didn't thicken up enough...I don't have enough ingredients to start over, so does anyone have advice on how to thicken this up now? It's thickened up some along the edges, but pretty runny in the middle. There's no way I can use this to fill the cake!



Jessica W. January 26, 2019
Make a trifle
Rima April 25, 2016
Maybe try stirring in cornflour/starch slurry while in low heat!
ktr April 24, 2016
Did you try putting the pudding in the fridge overnight? I've done that a couple times and discovered my pudding thickened up nicely overnight. If you don't have time for that, you could try adding in some instant clear gel, gelatin or instant pudding mix. Of the three, the instant clear gel would be my first choice simply because I'm more familiar using it to make pudding than the gelatin and the pudding mix will change the flavor of the pudding you made.
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