Another oatmeal question: The Guinness Whole Wheat bread recipe calls for rolled oats, ground into flour in the food processor. I have steel-cut and regular quick oats. Which do I want to try to grind, or does it matter? (I am making this tomorrow, no matter WHAT else I have to substitute!)

  • Posted by: Kayb
  • January 22, 2011


Kayb January 23, 2011
And the Magic Pickle comes through again! Thanks, friends!
betteirene January 23, 2011
Ages ago, I read something in a magazine about making cookies and cakes a teeny bit healthier by substituting up to 1/4 of the AP flour called for in any recipe with oat flour. It said to just whirl it in a food processor and that quick-cooking or rolled oats were equally fine to be made into flour and it didn't mention steel-cut oats at all.
lifestooshort January 22, 2011
Definitely the quick oats. I've substituted these for rolled oats in bread before and couldn't tell the difference.
debbiet January 22, 2011
You really shouldn't bake/cook with steel cut oats unless they are cooked. If that is all you have, use the quick oats.
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