Is there a recipe for pie topping using steel cut oatmeal?



MMH June 4, 2017
I'd encourage you to experiment with this idea. There all kinds of myths about cooking with both oats and steel cut oats. I eat them for breakfast every morning microwaved for 3 minutes. They are not quick oats. No soaking. Nothing complicated.
MMH June 4, 2017
I should also say I was making no bake peanut butter chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies. I had some extra steel cut oats and threw them in uncooked and they were fine.
nancy E. June 4, 2017
Unless you cook them first you would have a tooth breaking topping. They require hours of soaking to make them edible. Toppings always call for flaked oats
Nancy June 4, 2017
Nancy Essig - You're right. Thanks for reminding me/us of the need for soaking.
Jane Coombs - Have a look at this handy cheat sheet from McCain's for substituing steel-cut for other oats.
Nancy June 4, 2017
The tips came from McCann, the Irish oats company.
Not from McCain, the Canadian potato company.
Nancy June 3, 2017
Yes, many streusel topping recipes call for oats, so you could use steel-cut ones even if not specified.
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