how do i sweeten dried tart cherries?

  • Posted by: montie
  • April 26, 2016


Maedl April 26, 2016
I will take a look. The dried fruits in Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc., that we have here are pretty much processed food.
montie April 26, 2016
these dried cherries have no added sugar or oil. i want to use them in biscotti cookies. is there something i can soak them in to sweeten a bit?
Maedl April 26, 2016
You could soak them in an orange or almond liqueur, and then add orange zest or almonds to the biscotti.

Where did you find these cherries? I would love to find dried fruit without added sugar and oil.
Smaug April 26, 2016
You could simmer them with orange or tangerine juice- something like a 1/3c. juice to 4 oz. fruit works well. They will absorb all the juice and make a nice pop of flavor and moisture in a cookie; I often do this with dried cranberries in chocolate chip cookies. The dried cherries are a bit large- you'd probably want to make largeish cookies.
Susan W. April 26, 2016
I LOVE Maedl's idea of soaking them in Grand Marnier or Amaretto. I'm only mentioning brand names because they are truly superior and available in airplane sized bottles.
Maedl April 26, 2016
Most dried cherries already have sugar and some sort on oil on them. Did you taste them and are you sure you need sugar? How do you want to use them?
montie April 26, 2016
i live in northern MI and they sell them all over...u can try a specialty store on line that's called Cherry Republic out of Traverse City, MI
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