Can you freeze salad dressing that contains lots of citrus zest, citrus juices, ginger and coconut oil?

  • Posted by: Tina
  • May 3, 2016


creamtea May 4, 2016
I would avoid freezing it; you'll end up with something different anyway. I would just experiment with smaller amounts at home to approximate the flavor.
creamtea May 3, 2016
It would certainly change the taste and texture of the citrus zests and fresh ginger; also I bet the citrus juice. Is there a compelling reason to freeze this dressing?
Tina May 3, 2016
Only that I saw it being made at a restaurant and could kinda make a guess at the quantity of each and it will produce way more than we can consume at one time.
pierino May 3, 2016
My question as well. Salad dressing is all about ratios. There is no reason to make a large batch.
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