When reducing stock, after straining, is it necessary to keep it at a low simmer, or is it okay to crank the heat up a bit to boil it down? I need to make room in my freezer, so I plan to do so by concentrating the dozen or so quarts that are in there now. Thanks so much. ;o)



Fantastic M. January 17, 2011
If straining doesn't do it, I'd make sure that the stock is *completely* degreased before boiling.
pierino January 17, 2011
The main reason for simmering as opposed to boiling is to keep it from clouding. However if you are making a reduction sauce I don't see that it matters, especially if your intention is just to concentrate it further.
spiffypaws January 17, 2011
If you want the stock clear, keep to a low simmer. If no, higher heat is OK.
healthierkitchen January 17, 2011
I don't do a rolling boil, but more like a low boil/high simmer. Active bubbing, but not white water.
drbabs January 17, 2011
I do the same as ChefDaddy.
ChefDaddy January 17, 2011
Crank it up! I reduce at a full rolling boil. If I have no specific use I reduce to a glace for freezer storage.
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