Why is my chicken broth so cloudy?

For the first time, I made my broth using only chicken feet. Normally, after straining, my broth comes out crystal clear. This time, even though its so cloudy that you can't see through it even when held up to the light. It actually looks kinda gross. I cooked it at a very low simmer (never boiled), and strained it as usual. What's wrong with it, and how can I make it clear?



Nancy November 20, 2020
Grew up making chicken stock with feet AND other parts, from my mother and grandmother. My guess is it's cloudy because there's more gelatin in feet than in other parts (bones, skin, meat).
Have you chilled it yet?
If yes, it should turn into a gel.
Maybe nothing wrong with it, just not to your taste (aesthetics or literal taste).
Try it after chilling, see if you want to use it.
Here's a article with a full story. See if this helps any.
lilroseglow November 20, 2020
Thank you for the feedback and link. Yes, I chilled the broth, and it's just like jelly. Which is what I was after. But I didn't know to pre-boil the feet and then dump that water for fresh water. So is my broth full of "impurities", aka barnyard dirt?
Nancy November 20, 2020
Two possible ways to decide...your memory, or call the place where you bought the chicken feet and ask them what condition they sell them in.
If barnyard impurities means what I think it does, chalk it up to learning and toss this batch.
lilroseglow November 20, 2020
Given my sense of revulsion whenever I look at it, I'm thinking it won't matter what the store tells me. I'm just going to toss it and chalk it up as a kitchen fail. Not my first fail, probably not my last either. At least it isn't an expensive mistake, and I don't have any guests waiting for me to serve them!
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