Happily Home Alone - how would you spend the time?

I have 21 generous days stretching ahead to feed my mind, body and soul. Family is traveling and my commitments are small. I’m giddy with anticipation to create and explore in a way that is reflective and fresh. I’m curious to know how you would craft this time to make it special for yourself?



BerryBaby August 6, 2016
I had a day all to myself and took to the kitchen. Had three wonderful hours to make everything I have been craving....Pork Loin Roast with a Garlic and Herb Crust, Sicilian Pizza and Pear Crostata's (Ina's recipe). The house smells amazing! Haven't had the pizza yet, waiting for it to cool down a bit. Had the Pork Loin for lunch with a tossed green salad. Doesn't get much better than this!
BerryBaby May 12, 2016
Enjoy your time by just 'being'. I love time alone, not that I don't love having everyone around, but 'quiet' time is so refreshing. When I have the opportunity to be alone, I love silence. No TV, no computer, no noise. I go to the kitchen and make myself fabulous food that I love and enjoy every bite. I'll take time to do deep breathing, stretch, relax. Garden, color (adult coloring books) which is very relaxing to me, sit outside and watch the birds, just calm, peaceful time.
Bascula May 12, 2016
I would try to think of those things I wish I could do but usually can't: sit in the back yard while the sun comes up and listen to the birds. Get out ALL my bead craft things and or yarn and leave them out for a couple of days to sit with them and feel the colors and textures and finally make something. Walk around in my underwear.
I would feel the need to do something practical, and so would definitely get into some deep cleaning, or make/bake foods for the freezer. I think the previous idea of making some soup for yourself is an excellent one.
I would take the time to sit with myself, to sink into myself and explore some corners where the cobwebs need to be swept out.
Maybe I would find something to volunteer for on a temporary basis.
This would be amazing, and occasionally lonely.
LouLou May 12, 2016
I would work on my cake-decorating and bread making skills! Of course, still hoarding time for my knitting! Enjoy your time!
Maedl May 12, 2016
I think I would start by making a big pot of hearty soup and a stew or two that can be packed in individual-sized containers and frozen. That done, a good meal is assured for those days when you follow your fancy and come to a screeching halt at 6 pm and wonder what's for dinner. Then I'd sign up for some classes at museums, bring a stack of books home from the library, and schedule a few meals with friends I haven't seen enough of lately.
scruz May 11, 2016
my signify. other travels frequently for adventure and i don't fly anymore. we are happy/accepting of the arrangement and it works for us. when he is gone, i do my major projects: take out everything cupboard by cupboard and get rid of beyond experiration date contents and give everything a good cleaning, on his six week trip i washed all the walls and ceilings in the house, on his three week trip to france i removed the front lawn and had it replaced with a dry creek, mound and drought tolerant plants. meanwhile, i could eat what i wanted, usually salads, and stay up late and binge watch my netflix dvds and not need to clean any of the stuff up while organizing/cleaning. i also go about town once a week to look at art, the ocean and maybe lunch with friends. but for the most part i enjoy my quiet and solitude and am happy when the sig. other returns with tales of adventure.
Susan W. May 11, 2016
First, I would eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm tired and drink when I'm thirsty.

I'd keep no schedule or plan projects. This is the time for Netflix binging Chef's Table, Grace and Frankie and My Beautiful Broken Brain while sipping a wonderful red wine and eating foods that delight you.
nannydeb May 11, 2016
I would definitely make a "time consuming, but well worth it" dinner for myself (also made up of things my husband won't eat) and eat in front of a "girly" movie at least one or two nights. And I would have a couple of afternoons lying on the couch/bed listening to "albums" like I did when I was a teenager.
breakbread May 11, 2016
Listening to albums in the afternoon. Love it!
Aliwaks May 11, 2016
After about 2 days of eating toast and/or ice cream for dinner while watching Real Housewives of NYC in my underwear I'd probably tackle a couple of kitchen organizing projects, like spices, cabinets, cookbooks--- where I could have everything out all over the place for a day or two, I'd make myself a few nice dinners - with things that are maybe too expensive for everyone but priced just right for one--or things that my husband doesn't like like scallops-- or crispy messy things like deeply roasted chicken wings and backs (LOVE!)- I'd have a little dinner party, I'd prob eat a lot of bread and cheese dinners-- I would definitely go out to dinner by myself with a good book- I miss that about being single-- I'd read and read and read---
breakbread May 11, 2016
I really appreciate how relaxing and fun your description sounds. I need to do plenty of that, too. I keep thinking I should have some purposeful plan such as waking early for yoga every day or making 21 loaves of bread or some other actionable creation. But truthfully, I want to be open to getting up at 2 a.m. and following my craving for coffee, brandy and eggs while listening to music without waking anyone or staying up waaay too late reading my pile of books or writing. I will follow your lead to eat “expensive” food for one (perhaps soft-shell crabs). I think crispy chicken wings are in order too. Thank you. I hope you get time to follow your ideas, too!
Aliwaks May 12, 2016
Full disclosure my husband was away for 2 nights which gave me just enough time to wander the house, eat a wedge of cheese like a popsicle, play angry birds while watching RHONY and have ice cream in bed (I also vacuumed the couches, tackled a cooking project (authentic Alice B Toklas fudge) and baked layers for a birthday cake)
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