need to make my francese sauce a little thicker



pierino January 18, 2011
But the real question is what is meant by "francese sauce"? In France there is no such thing. Chicken Francese was one of those 1960's New York things that had nothing to do with france and disappeared from menus not long after. I'm sure there are still some places that offer it but what does it really mean?
Fantastic M. January 17, 2011
Note, if adding corn starch..make a slurry with corn starch and *cold* water (assuming your sauce is hot). Add slurry in small amounts and heat sauce until desired thickness is reached. You must heat the sauce to activate the starch as a thickener.
Do not just add cornstarch to sauce.
Ophelia January 17, 2011
Assuming that this is a question rather than a statement: reduce further or add a starch (corn or potato) to thicken it.
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