Need sauce for mix of rice, chicken, black beans, and corn.

I am a college student and am very busy with little money. I have found I can make a large amount of mixed chicken, rice, corn, and black beans for little money and time. I add tortilla chips and cheese to this as well. But it definitely needs a sauce of some kind. I'm not sure what kind is needed. I am currently using a chipolte ranch one that my roommate has but it's not right. Do you know what would go good with this? Also not salsa. I tried. Didn't work.

  • Posted by: dave21
  • September 2, 2019


gandalf September 12, 2019
You might try the avocado sauce from this recipe: It is found in Step 3, with the appropriate ingredients given. I think that I left out the parsley when I made it, and it turned out fine.
thinkbluefoo September 3, 2019
I was thinking more of a chipotle mayo sauce.
Kristen W. September 3, 2019
Oh, haha - I see that I am basically repeating a combo of what Nancy and MMH said! Well, there ya go...
Kristen W. September 3, 2019
My thought is similar to MMH’s idea but I also like to add a big handful of cilantro and blitz it all up in a mini food processor (though you can definitely just chop it finely and add it to your lime vinaigrette if you eon’t Have one. A touch of honey or agave can work in there too if you want a touch of sweetness. A good rule of thumb for vinaigrette’s is 3 parts fat (oil in this case) to 1 part acid (lime juice). Cilantro, garlic, salt, sweetener, chile powders, etc are all for flavor and can be added to taste.

An alternative to the vinaigrette could be a simple cilantro pesto with just oil, cilantro, a clove of garlic, salt and pepper. Good luck!
Nancy September 2, 2019
Some kind of green sauce (basically lots if fresh herbs with vinegar and maybe a little oil). See recipes for chimichurri sauce (Argentina) or various green dressings.
dave21 September 2, 2019
Is that like a verde sauce? Sorry I'm very new to the cooking world and know very little.
Nancy September 3, 2019
Dave21 -
Yes, chimichurri and verde sauces are related (cousins, maybe, if not brothers).
See this useful overview from Wikipedia
And, by the way, keep asking questions :) ...there are 3 classic ways to learn how to cook - watching or working with someone else, practice, asking questions.
MMH September 2, 2019
Try mixing a vinagrette separately to your taste with lime a neutral oil like canola, some kind of chilie that you like, garlic, salt, pepper. Adjust the ingredients until you like the way they balance. Then, add to your dish.
boulangere September 2, 2019
It sounds delicious! I would suggest a BBQ sauce. I make my own from pretty simple ingredients, but when I think back to my college days, even those would have been a stretch. My favorite bottled sauce is Stubbs. It's neither too sweet nor too spicy. If you're inviting Goldilocks to dinner, she will love it.
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