Need Recipe Suggestions with a Spicy Spaghetti Sauce

A local market ran by an Italian family makes their own Spicy Pepper Spaghetti Sauce and I was eager to buy some. Now I don’t know what to make with it! I want something a little more exciting than chicken parm and my husband always prefers a meaty dinner. Please and thank you.

Chelsea J.


PHIL January 22, 2019
Hi Chelsea, You can make a spicy seafood sauce over spaghetti (Seafood Fra Diavlo). Traditionally it is made with Lobster but you can use shrimp or whatever shellfish you like. Squeeze some lemon and fresh parsley over the top and it will look like a fancy dinner.
Nancy January 21, 2019
Highlight the flavor of the sauce by serving it alone over a small portion of high quality pasta as first course (primo).
Then serve a good cut of meat and a side (cooked veg or salad) as secondo (main).
End with fruit.
SMSF January 21, 2019
Here are a couple of ideas:
- Meatball subs/sandwiches with the sauce and melted provolone
- Italian sausage links with a side of pasta and the sauce (spicy or mild sausage depending on how much heat you want)
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