Making Maryland style crabcakes

The recipe calls for saltines, can I use Panko breadcrumbs in place of

  • Posted by: Nan
  • May 15, 2016


Maedl May 16, 2016
You can use bread crumbs or panko--just don't use too much. The less you use, the better. The model crab cake, to my taste, comes from Chris's Marketplace--I buy them at DC's Dupont Circle farmers market regularly. I don't think he uses any filler at all.

Maryland crab cakes contain Old Bay seasoning, and a bit of Worcestershire sauce and mustard.
Susan W. May 15, 2016
I love crabcakes made with panko. I'm not sure what makes a Maryland crabcake authentic besides the crab, but I almost always use panko with West Coast Dungeness.
amysarah May 15, 2016
I don't see why not. I'd just adjust the salt, assuming your panko crumbs are "unseasoned" and plain panko aren't salty.
702551 May 15, 2016
My assumption is that crabcakes have been made in Maryland before the advent of saltine crackers.

Ultimately, do what you want. You are putting on your table, not ours. The people whom you are aiming to please are your table guests, not Food52 commenters.

Good luck.
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