Salt in Marinade for Green Chicken?

Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a starting point for salt in this marinated chicken (a nom nom paleo recipe) She says 'to taste' but I am not sure where to begin...the recipe has fish sauce in it. Starting point in teaspoons? Not finding answers online, so looking to my folks here! Thank you! This is the recipe

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Susan W. May 19, 2016
I've made Fiona's chicken for years. Michelle (aka nomnom) likes things very well seasoned. I would either make the marinade and taste it as CV suggested(my guess is you'll think it's well seasoned without extra salt) and after you cook the chicken, salt it if you think it needs it. A lot of the marinade slips off when cooking it. It's a delicious recipe.
702551 May 18, 2016
Make the marinade and taste without having added any salt, then add according to your taste buds. Fish sauces have varying levels of saltiness by brand anyhow.

Remember, you can always add salt at the table to the finished dish, but something that is correctly salted based on the cook's vision (you) is ideal, assuming your dinner guests can handle it. It's your call based on whom you are serving.

Good luck.
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