Is it best to grill or roast a bone-in loin of lamb chops?

there is alot of fat. I want to grill, but don't want to smoke up my house. If I trim away the fat, will this be tender or tough?

Kate Riggin


702551 May 31, 2016
After tens of thousands of years, I think humans still grill over live coals because ovens don't produce the same results as a wood-fired heat source.

But in the end, you're the one who is going to eat this. Do whatever you want/find convenient.

If you don't like the smoke, know that you'll be trading it for flavor.

Your call.
Kate R. May 30, 2016
I did roast the chops before cutting the whole 8 lb loin into individual chops. All of the recipes I saw for this particular chop (NOT the frenched, lollipop cut, but the t-boned type) suggested pan-searing, and finishing in a hot oven. Frustrated! So, I did begin by roasting at 375, and 20 minutes later, I took them out and cut loins into chops. The cut had been "pre-sliced" half-way. The new chops went onto the grill and were cooked very quickly, creating ALOT of smoke. I was so worried and not at all happy, but the end result was delicious and tender enough. I got compliments. I think I could have reduced the fat by half, because the fat layer was almost 3/4 inches thick.
ChefJune May 30, 2016
The answer to your question is yes. Whichever you prefer. They're wonderful grilled, pan sautéed, roasted. Don't cut away too much fat. Let the eaters cut it off before eating. The fat is packed with flavor.
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