Substitution: Ran out of "Crisco", was wondering if I can replace it with margarine?

I do a 50/50 usually half butter and half "Crisco", help. This is a recipe is for a danish and I have tweaked it and made it my own and everyone likes it, that being said I want it to stay light and rise (the recipe has yeast in it also), without taking away the flavor or rising properties in it. Can anyone help.

Holly Fornwalt


sammy May 31, 2016
Agreed with lleello regarding lard, but it sounds like you're trying to just work with what you have instead of going out for additional ingredients. If you have enough butter, I'd go with that over using margarine at all.
Smaug May 31, 2016
The main advantage Crisco has over butter in pastry making is a high melting point and a lack of water- don't think margarine will give you any of that.
foofaraw May 31, 2016
leaf lard maybe? Crisco was made in the beginning to replace lard anyway. Leaf lard is much milder in flavor so it is ok for baked goods
creamtea May 31, 2016
Since it has yeast in it, it has to rise. The dough will hydrate and soften during the rising time. Margarine may make for a softer dough, but butter is so much more flavorful, and is always used in classic pastry making. I would stick with all butter. You're sure to have a good result.
ChefJune May 31, 2016
I should think you could use all butter. But I have not seen the recipe. Why would you want to use margarine?
Holly F. May 31, 2016
I know when I make my recipes for cookies if I use a 50/50 ratio of butter and margarine they turn out fluffier and soft. I was afraid with a all butter the danishes will be too dense
Holly F. May 31, 2016
The recipe is called "Sunburst Coffee Cake" but I make it into a danish with cream cheese in the middle.
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