can I deep fry Argentine Red Shrimp, and how?

this is my first time cooking Argentine Red Shrimp.

Atoti Love


Seatech June 4, 2016
You can deep fry them. Here is a recipe I made up where they are fried for a poor boy There are other recipes on the site as well.
I see no reason for not being able to deep fry it. However where things could get dicey is the coating. My understanding is that this particular type of shrimp has a shorter cooking time than regular shrimp. I would suggest a tempura style coating rather than a breading style coating. Something thin that will crisp up quickly without having to leave the shrimp in the hot oil too long to brown will hopefully keep the flesh from getting over cooked. Just my opinion though. Maybe others will weigh in with a different opinion. Hope this helps!
pierino June 3, 2016
I'm assuming these are frozen, defrosted but the waters around Argentina are very cold so the shrimp might still be flavorful. Just whip up a tempura batter and deep fry them in canola oil at a temp of 375F.
PHIL June 3, 2016
I am sure you can Fry them but they are delicate and cook quickly. Seems most people like to boil or saute them. If you have to fry them I would fry them quickly. Good luck
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