i have a 4 course cooking test for a job. What entails 4 courses? Must i include a dessert (not my strong suit) But if it's necessary dessert ideas?

2 hour time limit

William Fetter


ChefJune June 14, 2016
What kind of job is it? If it is a cooking job, yes, you will be expected to make a dessert. Unless you want to do mignardise, which is more detailed and difficult. And you should also do a starch and not a salad.
Four courses? Soup or Appetizer, Main Dish, starch/potatoes, dessert.
QueenSashy June 5, 2016
The best of luck with the test.
boulangere June 5, 2016
One of the easiest possible, and quickest desserts is Panna Cotta. Flavor it any way you like: espresso, Grand Marnier, etc. the refrigerator does the bulk of the work.
preston D. June 4, 2016
I am a professional chef and have been a part of hundreds of these kinds of interviews. My advice is to really consider the current menu of the establishment you are cooking for. Cheese or sweet may or may not fit the profile of the place. Cook things that you actually think fit the dynamics and service style of the restaurant. Be thoughtful, organized, polite and timely. Most of all have fun, cooking for others should be a joy.
Susan W. June 4, 2016
As others have said, you really need to know your audience, so do some sleuthing. Some hiring managers would respect your opting for a cheese course which allows more time to shine on the other courses. Other hiring managers would want you to go for a dessert whether it's your strong suit or not.

My gut tells me they would like to get your honest effort on 4 courses since they didn't specify which 4 courses. So, to you, fourth course could be cheese.

I'd do research on their staff. Do they have a pastry chef? Do you know anyone who works for them?
702551 June 4, 2016
Personally, I would offer cheese as the fourth course.

Phil's suggestion of grilled peaches is timely for this season. Pears are completely out of season.
PHIL June 4, 2016
Ok Pineapple then!
pierino June 4, 2016
Yes a cheese board would make an excellent substitute. Include a good washed rind triple cream and a semis oft and maybe a crumbly cheedar.
QueenSashy June 4, 2016
I would totally take cheese course over any dessert! But what if the "interviewer" is expecting William to actually "make" something and he is being evaluated based on that?
PHIL June 4, 2016
Grilled peaches or pears with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream you can make sauce if you want to top it. Quick simple elegant. Good luck
QueenSashy June 4, 2016
My guess at four courses would be appetizer (or soup), salad, main dish and dessert. I am with pierino, icecream or semifreddo is a safe play. If you want to fancy it up, make a fruit popsicle, like strawberry balsamic, or pina colada, or peach and cream... Do you have a sense for what your "interviewer" might like, are they health-conscious, indulgent, etc? That would help us point you in a good direction...
pierino June 4, 2016
Keep it simple. Somerhing like a fruit cobbler or ice cream. If your pastry skills are decent make a pie or tart.
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