Food 52: Why my answer in Hotline keeps getting cut off?

I tried to help answering In the past, my answer was lost when post the question (also because the typing box is so small) so I write in Notepad and copy-paste the answer to Food52.

For the first answer in the above link, the third paragraph got cut off (similar like past experience).
When I tried to post it again just for that part, the website keep cutting off my answer.
I tried to flag my own answer so the Admin can delete it or I can request change, but I was told not logging in even though I am logged in. Why answering Hotline is so hard?

In tangential, why do you not have Edit button for answer?

For other Food52 readers, do you have this experience too, or is it just me?



Susan W. June 16, 2016
lleello, I have had a few glitches on this site. I haven't been cut off like you have been, but I have been logged in and have been unable to reply. I tried logging out and logging back in, but that didn't solve it. It's happened on two of my three devices, all of which have different browsers. I thought back to my 12 years of working for a company that had a very high tech system and the luxury of a corporate tech support team. They always started with the simple fixes. Log out, log back in, reboot (you've probably tried this) but with food52, the magical cure seems to be deleting browser history and cache. It's worked every time and only takes a minute. Just thought I'd pass that on to you and anyone else who comes across technical gremlins.
foofaraw June 16, 2016
Thanks Susan, the Food52 tech support said that they have fixed the problem. I'll remember your tip if this doesn't work.
702551 June 16, 2016
Now that you've verified that you're experiencing the same problems with a different browser, it's probably fine to rule out browser compatibility issues as the problem. That's not surprising since I post to this site using different combinations of devices/operating systems/browsers.

At this point, the focus should drift to the health of your computer or local network.

Ideally, you should try posting the same response with a different device connected to your network (you don't mention if you exclusively post from a home network, work network, etc.).

If you can successfully post to Food52 using a different device on the same network, well that points the finger at an infected system.

If you can't, well that would indicate a problem with your local network.

You need to think about all these possibilities and try various things yourself since your original description is lacking. This is the same diagnostic approach that many people take, whether they work for a plumbing company, electrician, NASA, whatever.

Identify the possible variables and eliminate them one by one using controlled tests. There are no magic balls that will tell a Food52 reader what's wrong with your computer (or whatever you're posting with).

If you don't have the patience to figure this out yourself, hire someone who can. Think of them as a doctor, plumber or auto mechanic.

Best of luck.
foofaraw June 16, 2016
Hi CV, my antivirus is up to date, and does auto scanning regularly. Food 52 is the only place I have problem posting of all other websites I am active on.

I agree of the testing procedure in general, but the home/work network should not affect posting. It does affect my internet in other way. I can't test all possibilities since half of the parameters is with Food52, and I assume if other people might have similar problem before, I don't need to redo all the tests again.

That's why I wonder if other people have same problem or not - see my first question. It is great that you don't have this problem though.
702551 June 16, 2016
Beats me, I'm not computer security expert and even if I were, I doubt I could fully diagnose your network and system remotely.

I suggest you find a local computer professional to assist you with your dilemma.

I read the Food52 hotline enough to believe that your problem definitely is not widespread since most others don't seem to be having the same truncated posting problem as you.

Good luck.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 15, 2016
Apologies for the frustration lleello. Our VP of Engineering, Jeff Potter echoed the suggestion to try a different browser, as well as making sure you're logged in first -- explaining, "If they’re not logged in when replying, it’s possible that the text is getting cut off due to the way we pass data around in the login flow (there are some length limits currently)." (There is a fix in the works for that issue.)

If those two suggestions don't work, please let us know. Sending us an email ([email protected]) is the fastest way to get help for issues with the site!
foofaraw June 15, 2016
I have made sure I am logged in, and I have tried both Chrome and Firefox on the same Hotline question above, and I still get cut off. You can check (and maybe help delete the repeated incomplete answers if possible. I hate cluttering someone's QA but I can't delete it). I'll send you email.
702551 June 15, 2016
It sounds like there might be a problem with your computer or possibly a web browser compatibility issue with this site. The first thing you should try is using a different web browser to post your responses.

I have authored far longer responses, both in the Food52 text entry window, as well as in a standalone text editor application (cut-and-paste). No problem either way. I've also used a number of machines (Mac, PCs, iOS devices) and web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.).

If your problem persists, you should install all available system updates, make sure your web browser is the latest version, and get your computer examined for possible malware.

Good luck.
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