Am I Crazy? Is it Just Me? Re: Whole Foods Customer #1

I' m new to 52 so if this is some pre-existing arrangement w/ WF, plse somebody tell me! As a new Hotline visitor, I keep seeing questions from this 52 member(?) but when i click on them, i get directed to a WF website. Is this one person? They seem to ask questions that make me think they are a third grader/troll. But people keep taking the time to answer them. What am i missing here? thx

LeBec Fin


mensaque April 19, 2012
I remember one of those..."How do I eat food?".But the winner for me was "Is drinking urine healthy?".The discussion went on for weeks as disgusting as it was,BUT I agree with SKK.It's fun to indulge in some silliness once in a while.
susan G. April 19, 2012
"and none of them ever answer" --- LBF, you made that observation on the other question, and you're right. If they sign up for a food52 account, they get answers sent to them. Another reason to encourage them to sign up. All in the interest of promoting community. After all, we're not the Butterball Thanksgiving Hotline!
LeBec F. April 19, 2012
agree completely, susan! excellent analogy.
susan G. April 19, 2012
Not only are there questions from "WF Customer," they also answer questions, and the level of answers can be excellent. Maybe a flag asking people arriving at Hotline from the WF site or their instore kiosk to sign up as individuals would be appropriate.
Another issue is that sometimes questions are asked about store inventory, which we can't answer -- good reason for another flag message.
And that's not the only source of foolish questions...
Greenstuff April 19, 2012
This question gets asked often enough that I keep expecting the FOOD52 staff to make a better notation. I can't imagine that it thrills Whole Foods to periodically get attacked as a troll. Though, personally I get a small chuckle, thinking about new members wondering who on earth is asking all these questions?!
SKK April 19, 2012
A small % of the WF questions are less than serious, and they are fun to answer. The question 'why are peaches fuzzy?' was a giggle and reading the responses made me laugh.
Author Comment
Hi LE BEC FIN, the Whole Foods Market Cooking program (a partnership between FOOD52 and Whole Foods Market) is in over 50 Whole Foods Market stores nationwide. In-store customers and community members have access to Foodpickle/Hotline. Questions from WFM Cooking users and WFM customers appear on the FOOD52 Hotline under the same "Whole Foods Market Customer" username, so I understand how that could be confusing! Hope this clears things up a bit. -Maddy
LeBec F. April 19, 2012
well, i'm sure not to win popularity points for this ,but i think this venture should be chucked. What a waste of time on the 52 side.
creamtea April 19, 2012
What pierino said. An F52 partnership with a Maryland WF store was announced around the time of the Bulk Foods contest.
pierino April 19, 2012
Food52 has a partnership with Whole Foods and they have a kiosk in at least one store on the east coast where customers can ask Hotline questions. I think this is still a test.
LeBec F. April 19, 2012
thanks much, gal. here's a direct link to the thread that answers the question. With my disgruntled comment added as well!
BoulderGalinTokyo April 19, 2012
Hey LEBEC FIN, at the top right enter search term input whole foods customer, them to the right of recipes click on hotline , then click the magnifying glass to search. Good answer comes up

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