What is the largest size of prints that can work with the print hanging frames?



Rebecca S. June 17, 2016
Hi there Stephanie! So happy you're interested in those print hanging frames! They're beautifully designed and inspired by classic pull-down maps you'd find in schools! The best feature of these frames are their flexibility: they can fit practically any size (height and thickness)! Here's some information I've received from the maker:

For all of the hanging frames, the print can extend width wise indefinitely outside of the brackets, and it still holds it secure. I just tend to suggest that the print be plus or minus an inch of the frame because it looks better. There is no height restriction since the frames are made of 2 individual brackets. [Adversely] if the print is much smaller than the frame, it will be held as securely.

So, just so long as you find a size that's closest to your print (length), you have no boundaries! Of course, if you want specific information on a print you have or you need more information on this product please feel free to email me or my team at [email protected]! Hope this helps :)
SMSF June 17, 2016
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