can I print a recipe...

tried to cut & paste but cannot figure out how to make a copy. I just joined.

  • Posted by: LynneG
  • March 1, 2012


susan G. March 2, 2012
My PC, both on Firefox and Internet Explorer, has the print icon, just under the moving box on the left side. If you're still not seeing it, contact [email protected] with details of the situation -- what computer, what browser. Another thought -- are you signed in when you want to print?
I have sometimes just highlighted the recipe page to print -- have you tried that?
SKK March 1, 2012
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LynneG March 1, 2012
nothing there...I would email it but there is no icon for that either. I have a pc...does that make a difference?

SKK March 1, 2012
Look to the left of the recipe and there is a print icon. Kind of small and it is there.
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