Can you recommend a reliable recipe for top-loading hot dog buns (also called "New England style" by some)?

I am particularly looking for instructions in shaping and baking them. (I have several great bread doughs - such as my own milk and honey loaf -- that I could and probably will use.) Thanks so much, everyone. ;o)



Ted June 24, 2016
King Arthur Flour has a recipe -- they shape the rolls in a specific pan. A search on their website will show a few entries.
Smaug June 24, 2016
Like the "Wiener Wagons" of my youth? No, no recipe- I'd bet your bread recipe works fine- maybe form the buns and use a short length of relatively light pipe- 1/2" electrical conduit, maybe- on to form the valley. Sounds like it would be fun to experiment with, but I never really liked that style of buns.
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