Can i use white rum instead of dark rum in a rum cake? Maybe add a littlw lemon to the icing. Will it still turn out

Making a rum cake fro my friends birthday. Money is a little tight and I already have raspberry rum. Can I use that instead of dark rum? And if its gonna to change the flavor..maybe add a little lemon to the icing? Do you think it would still taste pretty good? Also, my friend doesn't like is there something else crunchy I can top it with? Or just leave it off completely?

Jessica  farrier


amysarah June 26, 2016
I'm not familiar with raspberry rum, but maybe expound on the flavor it will give your cake - decorate the top with fresh berries instead of a crunchy element. Or do berries and shaved chocolate curls - rum, berries and chocolate would be a tasty combination.
Nancy June 26, 2016
For crunchy topping (instead of nuts), think Caribbean - to go with the rum. Scatter on the frosting:
Coconut - dried shaved slices or shreds, toasted
Banana chips.
Dried cherries (yes, Caribbean).
Or finish it with rosettes or whatever shape you like. Can be used around the top of the cake to hold candles, raspberries, some of the other toppings. Or toasted, shredded & scattered on top.
Please let us know what you decide to do and how it works out...:)
Jessica F. June 27, 2016
Thank you. Wonderful ideas.
Smaug June 26, 2016
It'll probably be edible, maybe even good (raspberry rum?)but radically different. You might consider whiskey if you have that.
PHIL June 26, 2016
I don't see why not. The dark rum has a more complex richer flavor because it is aged in wood.
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