Chocolate and lemon cake ?

I’m making a cake for my boyfriends sister for her bridal shower. It’s by the beach so she wanted lemon and chocolate so I was going to do layer one and three chocolate and layer 2 lemon (in between 2 choc) crumb coat that in either a white Or dark chocolate ganache and use Italian merengue buttercream to cover the cake. I am not sure if I have too many flavors here or if lemon and chocolate even go together l. Advice ?? Thanks !

  • Posted by: Emmy
  • August 31, 2018


Smaug August 31, 2018
If you have Meyer lemons available, I think they go better with chocolate. Hard to get enough lemon flavor in a cake layer to really hang with with chocolate- perhaps use lemon curd between layers with ganache as on top. Orange and tangerine do work better with chocolate, to most tastes, but lemon is far from impossible- certainly better than lime.
BerryBaby August 31, 2018
That's interesting that I just bought lemon chocolate Pepperidge Farm cookies. In a cookie it works great together.
Lemon cake with dark chocolate frosting sounds great to me. Grated lemon rind n the cake and then some on top
Nancy August 31, 2018
1st reaction...yes, a bit too many flavor notes in your first plan.
2nd reaction - lemon is both too acidic and too floral to go with chocolate.
3rd reaction....make petite fours to highlight each flavor. Say, one white cake with lemon icing or lemon cake with white chocolate. And one pure dark chocolate. Then people could sample one or both.
4th & last. Quick web search shows several recipes with lemon, chocolate and Olive oil. I've made several cakes with olive oil and it works really well with sweets. No echo of your Caesar salad. And since some have fruity, acidic and floral notes, might be a good bridge between the lemon & chocolate.
Have a look, and meanwhile let's see what others here have to say.
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