Is my chicken soup safe to eat? I make chicken soup often, and usually the broth is clear with a yellowish color. Today, it is thick and cloudy. Is it safe to eat? The chicken I used seemed fine - no odor or discoloration. The only other items in the soup are vegetables which were also fine.


  • Posted by: Bec3
  • January 21, 2011


HenrysMom January 23, 2011
Is the soup cold when it's thick? If so, this just means your stock has a lot of gelatin in it from the skin and bones of the chicken. When heated it returns to liquid but has a lovely texture or mouthfeel (not a fan of that word but it is useful here!).
nutcakes January 21, 2011
Should be fine, I agree that boiling instead of lazy simmer may be the cause. I'd chill it and defat it, then strain it through cheesecloth to remove any particles.
Greenstuff January 21, 2011
Maybe you let it boil on too hot a heat. It doesn't render it unsafe.
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