What is the name of this Jewish bread with apples? I just bought it at Farmer's Market and can't remember what the baker called it. Thank you. It is the one on the right in the photo.

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betteirene January 23, 2011
It looks like challah with some apple slices thrown in.

Challah is a lightly sweetened, yeasty, buttery egg bread. The recipe I use makes a dough so soft that it's almost pourable.

I've heard it pronounced a couple of different ways, with and without the "ch" sound, sometimes with a gutteral clear-your-throat sound, but most often "hallah."
amysarah January 22, 2011
Was it 'babka'? A Jewish babka is made with raised dough (using yeast) and is usually mildly sweet - kind of a cross between a bread and a cake.

It's often rolled around a cinnamon sugar or grated chocolate filling and has a swirled look inside, but it can have other fillings - my grandmother used to make one that looked a lot like the one in your picture, but studded with raisins, not apples.
latoscana January 22, 2011
Apfelkuchen? Just a guess.
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