I'm trying to come up with a veggie side for a goulash, and I want to use the Savoy cabbage I have in the fridge. Any ideas? I was thinking along the lines of a sweet/sour cabbage, but I'm not sure if a Savoy would be quite right for it. Thanks!



innoabrd January 23, 2011
My favorite with a nice savoy cabbage is Julia Child's really simple technique of steaming cabbage wedges over chicken stock, then, once the cabbage is cooked, reducing the remaining stock and mounting it with a bit of butter (plus a bit of s&p) to make a sauce for it. Really simple, really delicious.
Kayb January 22, 2011
Belatedly -- I think you could do fiveandspice's Suspiciously Delicious Cabbage, or, in the alternative, treat it like it's red cabbage and braise it with cider vinegar and spices. I'd be inclined toward braised red cabbage with goulash, but then, I'm inclined toward braised red cabbage with most anything.
lifestooshort January 22, 2011
All of these sound so good--now my only foodpickle is which one(s) to make first! Thanks to all!
amysarah January 22, 2011
Is it a Hungarian Goulash? Because a classic Hungarian cabbage dish is basically cabbage chopped or shredded, sauteed with onion (in lots of butter) until very soft, then mixed with egg noodles. All you season it with is s&p. Delicious - Hungarian soul food. Would go very nicely with goulash....in fact, it's often eaten with sour cream which is also in Hungarian goulash.

And this is the second Foodpickle question today that I invoked my grandmother's cooking to answer!
beyondcelery January 22, 2011
How about a cabbage and potato pierogi? I serve those with goulash, homemade applesauce, and sour cream. Sometimes caramelized onions and hardboiled eggs too.
susan G. January 22, 2011
Salad with vinaigrette, with poppy seed; sauteed in butter with onions and poppy seed.
Amanda H. January 22, 2011
I think Savoy would work for that. Here's a cabbage salad I like (has a nice tang): http://bit.ly/f9e0T8
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