Glut of chinese cabbage in our veggie garden. Looking for ways to use them in entrees, rather than a side dish. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Fifer
  • June 19, 2011


Droplet June 22, 2011
I once had soup prepared by a Russian lady which had shredded cabbage and pasta in it. You could also juice some.
healthierkitchen June 22, 2011
Cabbage is great stir fried into fried rice (as is kimchi!)
KaleHog June 19, 2011
CookOnTheFly June 19, 2011
Dumplings (Asian style or pierogies); stir-fry; stuffed with meat/veggies. Pickle it and make kim chee or Japanese/Chinese style condiments. Braise it with corned beef (pretend it's St. Patty's Day). Braise it with olive oil and thinly sliced leftover meat.
chairmanhu June 19, 2011
you can also use them as wrappers/parcels and stuff them with whatever filling you like- meat, mushrooms, etc..

drop individual leaves of the cabbage into boiling water for up to 30 seconds or until pliant, then shock in ice water.

once stuffed, they can be steamed or pan-fried. if baking or roasting, i would recommend some sort of basting liquid to keep it from looking dry and ugly :(
Merrill S. June 19, 2011
How about making dumplings?

Also, this week's contest finalist would make a nice main course that's a little different:
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